Antipasti & Olives

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Delicious dried tomatoes, typical of the culinary tradition of southern Italy. Processed according to the ancient tradition that includes sun drying. Preserved in oil to maintain their unique taste.
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Italian grilled peppers. From hot sunny fields of Italy, whole peppers are selected for Contado Grilled Peppers. These peppers with their delicate texture are ideal to be slow-grilled over open flames to give a light smoky flavor and release their subtle sweetness.
CONTADO Whole Artichokes in...
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StorageKeep in Room TemperatureShelf-Life36-months from date-of-manufacture
MORABITO Super Bariole...
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Super Bariolé Olives represent an excellent innovation on everyday tables: EXCLUSIVELY ITALIAN olives with extraordinary size, carefully chosen from the tree, cut lengthwise and flavored according to old Calabrian recipes. Unique flavor, lively spicy, but delicate: the best combination to enjoy excellent prosecco and rosé wines. They enrich the best...
    Vegan Gluten Free Bio Organic PONTI Peperlizia Sweet &...
      PEPERLIZIA ARTICHOKES Sweet and sour artichokes. The ideal side dish for all dishes as it is or even browned in a pan. Perfect as a base for sauces and first courses. SIZE: Net weight: 350 g Drained weight: 220 g
      PONTI Peperlizia Sweet &...
        PEPERLIZIA PEPPERS The unique and unmistakable taste of Peperlizia Peppers makes them perfect as aperitifs or side dishes for all dishes. Also ideal for rice salads. SIZE: Net weight: 350 g Drained weight: 210 g
        PONTI Semi-Dried Cherry...
          SEMI-DRIED CHERRY TOMATOES Semi-dried tomatoes in sunflower oil. SIZE: 180 gINGREDIENTS semi-dried tomatoes 55%, sunflower oil, salt, basil, garlic, oregano, acidity regulator: citric acid.
          PONTI Sliced Artichokes...
            WEDGES OF ARTICHOKES WITH FINE HERBS Fine herb artichokes in sunflower oil. SIZE: 280 gINGREDIENTS Sliced ​​artichokes 60%, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, parsley, garlic, basil.
            PONTI Pizzaiola Style...
              PIZZAIOLA MUSHROOMS Field mushrooms grown in pizzaiola in sunflower oil. SIZE: 280 g
              PONTI Grilled Peppers 280g
                ZERO OLIO GRILLED PEPPERS Format:  Net Weight: 280g
                PONTI Grilled Aubergines 280g
                  Ponti Grilled Aubergines 280gIngredients Eggplants 55%, Sunflower Seeds Oil, Wine Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Parsley
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