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Why the name ‘natureland’ ?

“When it comes to wine and food, my fundamental belief is that if you let ‘Nature’ and ‘Land’ do their job then make no mistake is the birth of a noble Product”

Vikash  Ramjuttun

Founder & Owner
Natureland Products Ltd

We guarantee value for your hard earn money. We are importer since 1998 and have been serving the hotel industry with pride and passion; since we are the direct importer of products listed here, online shopping with us will allow you to benefit from the best prices.

Our products are handled and delivered with care, observing the health & hygiene protocol. Our delivery service is free of charge (terms & conditions apply).

The passion for wine and good food is at the heart of Natureland Products Ltd. We have premium wine, a selection of award-winning vintages from France, Italy, S.Africa, Australia & N.Zealand.

We are the sole importer in Mauritius that can satisfy widely your palate with different appellation of Italian wines of various cultivars and vintages from North to South of Italy facing both the Adriatic Sea & Mediterranean Sea.


Over recent years, our focus has been to source products that are sustainable from an ecological point of view. However, for hygiene purposes and health safety reasons, some of our product packaging are in plastic. 

The new world ‘packaging’ will not be created overnight but with your loyalty, support, and approach the future will surely change.