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We have created a “gift voucher” section which is user friendly allowing you to use for every occasion to donate quality consumables to your loved ones. You like our Wines, Truffle Products or any other Products or on occasion of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday you can offer your loved one and friends a GIFT from us. Always a reason to give someone a gift.

How it works ?

You just buy the voucher online starting from Rs 1500.00 and gift it or donate it in the name of another person with their contact detail to us. We inform the other person that you send a gift voucher for him/her and they can shop online to meet the amount gifted free or more and they just pay the difference between total order value less gift voucher amount.

We are creating a community of people that enjoy quality consumables so no delivery charge on GIFT / CADEAUX with a minimum gift order of Rs 1500.00